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Our congregation is the result of a merger of Knox Presbyterian Church (founded in 1890) and North Como Presbyterian Church (founded in 1951).

We are an inclusive Christian faith community daring to live in Jesus' transforming love. We value loving God, creation, all people exploring our faith, broadening our minds and deepening our hearts

Because of the spontaneous joy and relationships we have together in the Spirit, our worship is joyful.

Our Christian education classes for all ages encourage people to wrestle with cutting edge issues, ask questions, and the their faith in their daily lives.

Our hope is that each person who participates in the life of this faith community will experience the miracle of transforming love and can express that love in the world through acts of justice, mercy and peace.

Our Goals (September 2014)

We recently participated in the Ministry in a Changing World process with our Presbytery, enabling us to explore our mission and values and create goals to help us live out our mission.We are gathering teams to work on each of these objectives.

Objective #1. Offer regular faith-building event for children, family and youth outside of worship and Sunday school.
Target: By August 2015, present monthly events for children, family and youth. Target number of participants = 50.
Champions: Wendy Griffin, Heather Peterson

Objective #2. Provide resources and training to develop spiritual leaders ("daring disciples").
Target: By November 2014, develop resources. By January 2015, identify leaders of ministry groups to be trained and begin training.
Champions: Nancy Holt, Kate Wolfe-Jenson

Objective #3. Be good stewards by decreasing our church's use of non-renewable energy.
Target: By 2017, the church building uses solar power for 30% of its energy.
Champion: Kate Wolfe-Jenson

Objective #4. Simplify our church's leadership structure.
Target: By August 2015, the work of the church will be done by small teams gathered around focused passion and purpose, and session will be holding the vision and equipping these ministry teams.
Champions: Pamela Nofsinger, Jan Hubbell, Laurie Reis, Cathy Newcome.

Objective #5. Provide opportunities for regular congregational participation in community service.
Target: By December 2015, have offered 4 all-church community service events in which 50% of the congregation has participated.
Champion: all of us for now. This objective is on the back burner while the other objectives are developed.

Our Leadership
We have numerous gifted people serving in leadership positions. Click on the links below to learn more about our staff and how we are organized.

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